Kim Kardashian Most Over Exposed Celeb

Kardashian sistersAccording to Forbes Kim Kardashian is the number one most over exposed celebrity.  Clearly, in this day and age this is of utmost importance as it’s what keeps people in the limelight and in our minds.  One only needs to look at the case of Lindsay Lohan.


Lohan is someone I really have no time for, she has achieved nothing worthwhile in the time since she was a child star and yet continues to haunt the media.  It is fair to say that her temporary super skinny frame, her lesbian fad and her run-ins with the law have done all but increased my opinion of her yet she is still considered a celebrity!  Why?  All she appears to do is inject her life with contrived antics to keep herself in the spotlight.  Oh, that’s right.  Apparently that is all you need to do these days in order to maintain your star status.  A shame really when you consider the real A list celebrities who actually work hard for and achieve something.


Now, I am not including The Kardashians in this Lazy Lohan category.  Yes they “just” have a reality show but they do also work hard on other projects.  They’re certainly no Amy Childs.  However, if all you need to do now to be a star is maintain publicity then The Kardashians have certainly managed that, as noted by Forbes magazine.  According to their poll of most over exposed celebs, all three Kardashian sisters made it into the top ten with Kim at number one, Kourtney at number eight and Khloe at number ten.  However, according to another one of their polls, Khloe is the ‘queen of social networking’ and reportedly knows how to use sites such as Twitter for maintaining and growing a loyal following.


Social networking is fantastic and it’s something I intend to use a lot more of quite soon as I find myself able to make more time for it.  The thing that has always baffled me about this, though, is the frequency with which one is meant to use this PR facility.  Celebrities are now being graded for their use of social networking sites, partially based on how often they post comments, and yet I find it incredibly annoying when people use things like Twitter too often.  Is too much tweeting overkill and a surefire way to losing followers or is it a case of the more tweets the better?  Let us know your thoughts and who your favourite celebrity tweeter is…



  1. gossipgirl says:

    I follow @rainnwilson, our very own Dwight Shrute!. He’s soooo funny! Britney too, it’s usually here tweeting too!