Kim Kardashian Wedding EXTRAvaganza

Kim Kardashian WeddingKim Kardashian wed her beau, NBA star Kris Humphries in a lavish ceremony.  The blushing bride is said to have looked “regal” in her Vera Wang dress.  She had wanted people to be in awe of her wedding gown and Nicole Richie even told her pal what she had envisioned for her.  She is said to have remarked, “I had this vision for your gown… I think you should go super classic, really old Hollywood… Think museum. You can’t go with something trendy.”  In all fairness, Kim Kardashian always does dress like a classic Jessica Rabbit and the gown she had made for her by family friend Vera Wang was absolutely fitting for the huge icon she has become.  The bride had two further outfit changes for her wedding reception, all dresses were by the same designer.


Before the wedding Miss K. described her relationship with her groom-to-be as a “normal, healthy, trusting, easy relationship”.  That is refreshing to hear as that is what makes a relationship work so long as there is also attraction and a deep love there.  Hopefully this will be a case of second time lucky as she was previously married for four years to music producer Damon Thomas whom she divorced in 2004.  She also told TV’s Ryan Seacrest, “When you know you know…We’re having so much fun we just get along so well, he just lets me be me. And we have such a good relationship.”


Bruce Jenner, the bride’s step father of many years proudly walked her down the aisle.  When Kris Jenner, the Kardashian’s mother, fell in love with Bruce Jenner she was still fighting her now deceased ex-husband, Robert Kardashian, for a divorce settlement.  At the time Jenner met with mega rich Robert Kardashian and politely said that he was willing to support the entire family on his own, demonstrating his love and commitment to the Kardashian clan.  In other words, he declined any financial gain so as to draw the divorce proceedings to a close with a willingness to undertake the huge responsibility of looking after his new family as only a true, loving, respectful gentleman would.  The Olympic gold medallist has always treated his four step children as his own.


The lavish wedding ceremony was held in a sprawling $29m mansion in Montecito, California, owned by Google executive Eric Schmidt.  It was the venue of choice for the ‘Bennifer’ wedding, that of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.  Last night was, as expected, a star studded event.  In attendance were 440 guests including fellow socialites, Kris Humphries NBA team mates and other celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Ciara, Avril Lavigne, Serena and Venus Williams, Demi Lovato and Eva Longoria.  All guests adhered to the black and white theme.

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