Kimye’s Baby Name!

KimyeRumours have been running rife since the birth of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby girl was born on the 15th of June as to what the couple would call their little bundle of joy.

Apparently top of the list of names was North. Erm…what? Why? Evidently this was Kanye’s idea.

There was also Kai and Georgia. More normal and quite sweet. The name Kai is in keeping with the Kardashian clan’s big K obsession and so thought the most likely.

At least there weren’t rumours of names such as Sparkly Tinkerbell, Banana or McMuffin. Outlandish celebrity names are SO last decade. Thank God.

A few days ago it was said the couple had settled for something not entirely pleasant, but not completely bonkers, and that is Kaidence Donda West. See there’s the famous K! And the Donda part was said to be a tribute to Kanye’s late mother.  Aww.

The name Kaidence Donda had not been confirmed by the joyous new parents, but it had been leaked by a nurse who is working at the hospital where Kim gave birth. She should probably be keeping her mouth shut. She’ll probably be getting the sack any day now.

As much as I was hoping that Kaidence Donda West was what they’d called their daughter, as it is a relatively normal name, I was wrong! They did actually call their daughter North. North West. NORTH WEST! Poor child. Let’s just hope that she hangs around with kids who are actually called McMuffin and Bus Stop Number 16 and the like. Then her name will be boring and not noteworthy.

And let’s hope Kim stops wearing those awful dresses that she was wearing while she was pregnant. They were just downright offensive.