Konnie Huq marries Charlie Brooker in Las Vegas!

X Factor presenter Konnie Huq and Charlie Brooker have confirmed they have married in Las Vegas, describing themselves as ‘blissfully happy’.  A spokeswoman confirmed rumours from the weekend that the happy couple had wed in a small ceremony over a week ago in Nevada’s Sin City.

The pair were engaged a few months ago after a relatively short relationship that began at the back end of 2009.  They have known each other for some time but Konnie Huq is said to have realised that there was a deep connection during a phone call that went on into the early hours of the morning.

Huq was dating a fellow presenter at Blue Peter for six years but they ended the relationship once they each realised they weren’t ‘the one’ for one another.  If that took six years to establish and only about six months to figure that Charlie Brooker is ‘the one’ then there must have been something special in her heart for them to make that commitment in a relatively short space of time.

According to the Mail On Sunday: ‘Charlie didn’t want a big, tacky celebrity wedding because he doesn’t see him and Konnie as a celebrity couple” and so they opted for a modest low-key affair.