Kopycat Kim

Kim Kardashian - Kardashian Kollection - AustraliaThe Kardasian sisters touched down in Sydney last week to promote the launch of their latest project; a line of ‘Kardashian Kollection’ bags exclusive to Australia, in collaboration with designer, Bruno Schiavi.


The first Kardashian Kollection was with US store Sears, a store more often associated with appliances and power tools than clothing. The sisters said they hoped it would “make women feel good in their own skin” and comprised of mainly black casual/evening wear with leopard print coats, plus a range of accessories spanning shoes and handbags, including intimates.


But this latest venture has left the press and public feeling a little like they’ve seen it all before. One of the items from the handbag range being that of an obvious knockoff of the Balenciaga ‘city’ bag.


Perhaps it’s the recent breakup clouding her judgement, or maybe the jetlag but the reality star was pictured arriving in Australia with none other than a Balenciaga city bag, sparking critics to wonder why she was not carrying a design from her own collection, if purely for promotion.


Still Balenciaga isn’t the only one to have been duped. The Australian handbag line also took other so-called inspiration from esteemed designers and classic, cult bags. Apparently signalling to everyone from Chloe to Celine. Yet despite these blatantly obvious nods to fashion’s heavyweights, the sisters told PopsugarAustralia; “We’re really heavily involved in the design process from start to finish. We’ve had the opportunity to partner up with people before; we wanted the creative control, and Bruno really gave it to us.”


Perhaps that’s just too much control.