Kris Humphries Booed By Fans

Kris HumphriesEx-Mr Kardashian, Kris Humphries, is now one of the best known NBA stars in the USA but that seemed to equate boos rather than cheers at his first game back for the NBA.


He has just signed a one-year contract with the New Jersey Nets for $8million and says he is happy to be back in his bachelor pad in New Jersey and enjoying being back on the courts.


His team lost 88-82 to the Knicks, a game he joined in the second half.  He was met with boos intermittently throughout the game.


We can’t help but feel sorry for him.  He’s not the first man to join the Kardashian clan by marriage only to discover that not everyone is keen to see him on TV and in the press.  Khloe Kardashian’s husband Lamar Odom also suffered a backlash from his NBA teammates for his presence in the reality show The Kardashians despite the fact that he had his best season ever last season proving he clearly wasn’t distracted from the game.


This world is becoming increasingly a fickle one.  If sports personalities want to appear in reality TV programmes and present themselves to be good, decent, hardworking people then what is the problem?  Everybody has a personal life.