Lea Michele: Nose Job? NO THANK YOU!

Lea MicheleA recent episode of the hit show Glee, entitled Born This Way, depicted the characters struggling with, and overcoming their body issues. One of its biggest stars, Lea Michele, has spoken of the pressure she herself felt to get a nose job. Thankfully she refused and has since embraced her nose as something to be proud of as well as a sign of inner and outer beauty.


With art imitating life the recent episode featured Lea’s alter ego, Rachel Berry, considering a nose job after a doctor tells her, ‘why pass up an opportunity to look as good as you possibly can?’


I am usually very critical of how American television shows handle teen body issues but I was very impressed with what Glee achieved on Monday nights’ episode. The storylines were very honest, well-acted and did not tackle the issues without great sensitivity and caution. I shan’t spoil the ending for those who haven’t seen it as it is worth a watch.


There are many shows out there who have dealt with characters going through some sort of cosmetic surgery procedure; however they are usually dealt with in such a flippant manner that it could be deemed irresponsible. There is always talk about magazines sending out the wrong image to young girls but T.V shows are just as bad, if not worse. Friends, Desperate Housewives and even Ugly Betty, to name a few, almost make a joke out of cosmetic procedures with a particular character having daily injections of Botox. While this makes for interesting television it is sending out a message that if you are not happy with your appearance you should simply change it, just like that.


Now I’m not saying I am 100% anti-cosmetic surgery, I know of several people who are genuinely a lot happier after having a nose job or breast enhancement, but I think that it is a decision that should be made very carefully and for the right reasons.


Now Lea is hardly your average looking girl but she is a far cry from your ‘typical’ Hollywood beauty. Her reluctance to change her appearance and conform is reminiscent of a young Barbara Streisand who was told that she would never become a star if she didn’t have a nose job………………. An Oscar, Grammy, golden globe and tony award sure proved them wrong!


We get so many celebrities telling us to be comfortable in our own skin yet are secretly injecting themselves with Botox or having boob jobs. I hope we come across more young women like Lea who actually practice what they preach.


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