Life After Reality Shows – Lauren Conrad, Kristen Cavallari and More

Lauren ConradThe box set may still be packed away, waiting for one of those rainy days; for those bad times where gorgeous weather, bellissima handbags, and people so beautiful it hurts, are being craved like the last box of cookies, but The Hills stars very much have their foot on the pedal – even if not all of them have taken off in the direction they’d hoped. What with Whitney’s booming fashion line, which took off during The City and then avalanched into a hugely successful chain, Audrina’s new reality show’s poor ratings, suitably titled ‘Audrina’ that mimics the LeBlanc ‘Joey’ fiasco, and Heidi… well, we all know what happened to Heidi, the girls have all made a name for themselves in one way or another.


Anyway, this week it’s all about Lauren Conrad and her new eco-friendly cosmetics line that is to launch with the BlueAvacado brand. The building of LC’s empire well and truly has its finger on the pulse since Lauren’s time on Laguna Beach and The Hills finally lapsed. This eco-friendly range is also women-founded, and appeals to anyone who has a penchant for glamour and appreciates a good cause, especially when it is fronted by one of the most likeable and enviable members of The Hills gang.


Recently, Conrad stepped out of her typically ‘cookie-cutter’ box when she dyed her hair pink with chalk. Yes, with chalk. Some said she was ‘losing it’, not knowing how to survive in the post-apocalyptic world that I’ve chosen to dub ‘after-reality-show-syndrome’, whilst others noted on how fashion-forward it really was. And I’m inclined to agree with the latter. The end product essentially looks really sweet and dainty, and suits Lauren’s playful yet fashionista-esque style to a T.


Kristin Cavallari On the darker side of The Hills, Kristin Cavallari seems to have shrugged off her past man-eating demons and is set to be a Hollywood mum! Cavallari and fiancé Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears have confirmed that they are soon to have a tyke within their midst. Despite the stability of their on/off relationship being in serious doubt, the pair confirm that they are very much ‘on’ and are thrilled to be having a family together. Cavallari seems to be channelling the glamorous transition of Nicole Richie’s bad-girl-gone-mum chapter, which, if it turns out to be anything like Richie’s, can only mean more exciting things for the years to come – watch this space!


Well, all in all, it really does seem that The Hills stars have managed to survive post-reality show. Apart from one. There’s always one. Heidi Montag seems to still be stuck in fame-hungry mode as herself and equally fame-starved Danielle Staube of The Real Housewives of New Jersey are chomping at the bit and are set to be starring in a new VH1 show entitled Famous Food. However, don’t worry just yet, as the show has had ‘abysmal’ ratings thus far, and doesn’t even seem to even be on target for a second series. Perhaps it’s time that Heidi realised that the world has seen enough of her 650 surgeries, and noticed how we’ve instinctively become attuned to tuning out whenever she mentions them to the press.


Perhaps she should look at the success stories from Lauren, Whitney and Kristin, who have noticed that they are more than a life story, but that they are a reputably marketable brand. After a reality show has lapsed, viewers have typically seen enough of ‘the wonderful life’, and something fresh is required in order to stay in the spotlight. Having said this, perhaps it was a good idea for Conrad’s show to get cancelled before it even got aired, or she might’ve just been remembered as the girl that yelled, ‘YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID’. Or it may have been a success. Who knows?


Kristin Cavallari image courtesy of (Jordan Strauss/Getty Images)