Lily Allen Gives Birth

Lily Allen pregnant 2011She has made no secret of her desire to be married with children, living away from all the hustle and bustle.  We also watched as she publicly suffered two heartbreaking miscarriages  before this latest healthy pregnancy.  As she walked down the aisle on her wedding day where she married her beau Sam Cooper, she was just beginning to show.


Although Lily Allen, or rather Lily Cooper, has yet to confirm, news  has spilled through Twitter that she last night gave birth to a baby girl.


Lily Allen tweeted a picture of her pregnant bump some time ago but considering she miscarried her last baby at the painstaking six months mark, it is likely to have been a concern whether the latest pregnancy would be a success.


Congratulations to Sam and Lily Cooper on this joyous occasion.  This great news brings hope to those in a similar predicament; that you can miscarry more than once and still go on to have perfectly healthy pregnancies.


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