Lindsay Lohan serves 13 days in prison… wow!

In reality, Lindsay Lohan and her constant attention grabbing behaviour requires no more web space than they already receive but when it was announced that she today left prison after serving only 13 days of a 90-day sentence, it just has to be said… how ridiculous!  All that appears to have come out of this is more publicity for a girl who seems to do little other than… try to gain publicity.

She has reportedly already checked into rehab which begs the question, “and?”  Who really cares?  If she had served fifty per cent of her 90 days in that hotel, sorry “in prison”, then maybe one could feel some sympathy.  Apparently now she shall spend 90 court ordered days in the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Centre.  So basically she’s gone from one temporary break from the paparazzi flash lights to another.  Yawn!