Hi, I’m Madonna and I’m a fame-aholic

Madonna, once the world’s best-loved superstars, known for all-time classic songs such as Material Girl and Vogue.

Once hailed as the greatest madonnasinger of her time, a star who’d be remembered for generations to come for her influence on music. Yet now she’s a middle-aged mum who should probably be concentrating on her family and not her ’career’ (when did she last release a song people can remember? It was probably that one where she was prancing around in a pink leotard, when we all first really noticed those hands *shiver*).

She is a woman desperately grasping onto fame, doing whatever she can to get into the spotlight. I see her in the papers all the time but what really got my eyes rolling was seeing her wearing a fishnet body sock (come on now!), stockings, a black wig (I assume it’s a wig anyway) and a checked blazer adorned with chains, spikes and other pieces of metal best left to the punk fashion of the 80s. My favourite quote on this outfit comes from a Belfast newspaper which states ‘Madonna spent an awful lot to look this cheap’.

Though she does a lot to keep herself in the media, she does do a lot of good work. She raises money for various charities and causes, being a firm believer in the education of girls and women the world over, which can only be inspiring. I just don’t understand why she over-shadows her generosity and concern for world issues with radical fashion statements and attention-seeking actions (such as getting her boob out live on stage, causing a stir about Obama during a concert, blaring music out at all hours in her Manhattan apartment, dating Brazilian toy boys, kissing Nicki Minaj both on and off stage, her attempt to be a director…oh I could go on all day long and still not be finished with this list).

I feel sorry for myself for having to look at her face and hear her know-it-all comments, but I feel a hell of a lot more sorry for her children who are overshadowed by their mother and have had to grow up in a less than normal environment. The eldest of her children, Lourdes, who ‘created’ her own top-class, very professional fashion line at the age of 13, is the one I feel for most. I just hope that the saga of Madonna and her attention seeking life isn’t repeated.

Maybe she’s going through a mid-life crisis? Maybe she doesn’t know how to live without fame being so young when she achieved it? I don’t know the whys, all I know is that soon I can imagine her doing a Jodie Marsh and Britney Spears combined. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see her snapped with a completely shaved head and just a couple of well-placed belts.