Madonna’s Latest Toy Boy Talks

Madonna’s new man Brahim Zaibat has described the Queen of Pop as “just a woman like all the others”.

The 24-year-old spoke out for the first time in a revealing interview and said the affair had made him suspicious of old friends, and caused him to change his mobile number.

Zaibat is a devout Muslim and French break-dancer who claims to see a future with the 52-year-old singer.  The couple met on September 22nd 2010 at the launch of Madonna’s new ready-to-wear clothing range.

As a result of his friend Norman’s working relationship with Madonna he was asked to perform a solo to Material Girl.  Zaibat then met Madonna when she thanked him for his performance.

“It wasn’t like meeting a monster! She’s just a woman like all the others. She’s an extraordinary artist and world famous, of course, but a woman above all”, said the 24-year-old.

Although not so familiar with her music at the beginning, he claims to have since listened to most of her songs.

The breakdancer claims they never made plans to announce anything about their relationship.  However, with Madonna’s fame comes a lack of privacy. One private night out dancing together turned into the whole world would finding out, courtesy of the paparazzi!