Material Girls: Madonna & Lourdes Sex Up Teenagers

Madonna is under scrutiny for “sexualising” young girls with the new fashion range Material Girl that her daughter of 13 years age has helped her design  The pop queen released images to launch the collection but campaigners have labelled it “inappropriate”.  It would apppear as though Madonna is reliving her youth through her daughter, and this is one of the allegations that are currently beong hurled at her.  Whilst many mothers could be accused of the same, the cause for concern is the childhood that Madonna herself lived, one of sexual expression in a then very conservative society and not all mums these days are keen to have this shoved down their childrens’ throats.

Early 2010, American psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos stated that “sexualised” advertising meant it was now difficult to differentiate between childhood and adulthood.  This is so very true.  The line seems to have blurred between the different eras of the life cycle with young teens dressing like twenty and thirty somethings in an attempt to look and grow old quickly and middle-aged women going under the knife and being injected with needles filled with botox in order to stay young!  Earlier this year Madonna herself was quoted expressing her desire for her daughter to dress more conservatively!

Madonna and Lourdes launched the Material Girl range, aimed at young teens, in New York this week.  The pictures show Gossip Girl TV star Taylor Momsem, 17, tangled up in chains with bleached hair and heavy make-up.  If this is not a subtle verison of S & M then God knows what is!  Fancy that for a teens advertising campaign.  Were pictures of young teen friends out at a theme park for the day or out shopping not more suitable for these youngsters???  Clearly not.  The pictures also consisted of Momsem in a mini-skirt with biker boots and one with  a low-cut dress and fishnet tights.  That sounds youthful and wholesome, doesn’t it!

Madonna has come under attack for the “provocative” photo shoot as she herself directed it.  Perhaps Madonna did not think this through  from the viewpoint of how-to-be-appropriate.  Whilst the clothes in themselves are not entirely inappropriate, the ensembles and the poses that are really catered towards a much older audience.  Seems as though Madonna merely had her ‘sex sells’ head on.

Innocent mistake or not, campaigners are not impresses and one accusation is that such irresponsible marketing of “sexualisation of girls” can be “linked to eating disorders, low self-esteem and depression.”