Mel B’s Baby Wait

Mel B pregnantFormer Spice Girl and reality TV star Mel B is expecting her first child with her husband Stephen Belafonte and she is now desperate for labour to start.  Looking at pictures of her attending Kim Kardashian’s wedding you’d be forgiven for not realising she is heavily pregnant.  The fact that you don’t hear about it constantly makes these final moments more exciting simply because we haven’t been hearing about it left, right and centre. When Victoria Beckham was pregnant everyone was obsessed with seeing her bump and some extra meat elsewhere but unfortunately all you really saw was how miserable Posh looked. Although we can’t excuse Posh’s miserable pout all the time in her defence it can’t be easy to remain in the spotlight constantly, even when you’re feeling frumpy.


Mel B already has two daughters from previous relationships, Phoenix Chi aged twelve and younger sister Angel Iris who is now four years old.


The star took to her Twitter page to ask her followers for suggestions on how to induce labour naturally.  She tweeted to her fans that she had already tried a number of things such as eating a spicy curry, going for a walk and having some bedroom time with her husband. After a few suggestions Mel has decided that she will just have to be patient.  That her unborn baby would arrive when ready.


As for the sex of the baby and potential names… the happy couple have yet to name the child as they will only know whether it is a boy or a girl when it arrives.  Mel B doesn’t want any old boring name for her third child and so her husband’s suggestions of Tom or Sarah aren’t really cutting it.  Unsurprisingly the singer has decided that she will be in charge of giving the new addition to the family a kooky name.


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