Memories of 2011

Kate MiddletonWhen you think of 2011 there are certain incidents that especially spring to mind.  The obvious one is the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  Having said that it is not LoveScene Magazine’s favourite event of the year, however, before we look at our number one let’s have a look at what has had everyone talking.


There was the death of Elizabeth Taylor in March, an absolute legend, the original Hollywood glamour puss.  She is an icon who will never be forgotten.


The Harry Potter franchise came to an end and along with fans we saw a teary eyed Emma Watson attend the premiere.


Vivienne Westwood spoke up about the ridiculous claims that Kate Middleton is a style icon and a fashionista when she is anything but.    Sorry Kate, nothing personal… but you’re clearly not.


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony sadly split and so did Latino hottie Eva Longoria and Tony Parker.


Peter Falk, best known for his detective character in the Columbo films, was aged 83 when he passed away as a result of pneumonia.  Possibly one of the most lovable characters on TV, he will always have a special place in many people’s hearts.


Simon Cowell ditched Cheryl Cole from the X Factor USA only to replace her with another bad decision.  After poor ratings for the UK version of the show and a less than perfect panel for the USA one, Cowell is now considering whether he should continue with this enterprise.


Amy Winehouse.  Just so tragic.  Whilst the death of this star was somewhat unsurprising it still shocked and saddened us immensely.  What a raw talent she had.  Just as we were beginning to get excited at the thought of her next album’s release we were reminded of how many amazing singers and musicians have left this world far too early.


There was the wedding and separation of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries… enough said.


Beyonce’s now-you-see-me, now-you-don’t baby bump.  Annoying.


Celebrity pregnancies that we had no reason to doubt, included Mariah Carey’s, Victoria Beckham’s, Lilly Allen’s and Mel B’s.  Whilst we’re happy for all of them, the bare, pregnant bellies that graced magazines were pretty cringe-worthy but unfortunately some celebs will do whatever it takes to earn money.


Whilst some were making babies others were trying to hide the existence of their own, a la Arnold Shwarzenegger.


The most memorable moment of the year, however, has to be Charlie Sheen’s increasing popularity after being fired from Two and a Half Men.  Love Charlie Sheen.  Love that the show went so embarrassingly downhill after he was stupidly removed from it.  Love that he is still “winning”!


Charlie Sheen Roast