Merry Christmas from The ‘Kartrashians’

Despite the Kardashian name now being one of the most recognisable in showbiz, I would be lying if I said I was a fan. Having watched the Kardashian family grow and adapt my love for these once, quite normal, comical family has since disintegrated. Instead, I’m a firm believer that if offered enough money they will simply do anything! In spite of this, each year, like many other members of the public, I’m drawn into their lives as we eagerly anticipate the annual Kardashian Christmas card! After a whole year in the pipeline, this year’s Christmas card was finally unveiled this week and OMG…it sucks! Surprisingly after several years of producing chic, festive cheer it appears that they may have run out of ideas as they prove that money can’t buy you everything, not even a decent Christmas card!

This year’s dramatic fail has little to do with Christmas and screams tack as we see illuminated dollar signs light up the lives of the Kardashians, which is exactly what Christmas is about guys, well done! The festive card is bombarded with dismantled mannequins and seems to be a big middle finger to celeb culture as we see a fallen pile of what I can only presume are ‘celeb’ magazines; the very thing that made the Kardashians famous….awkward. The general feel of the card is a complete shambles as it appears to be awash with hidden messages…boring! Where’s the tinsel and festive cheer? Sadly, the male half’s of the family appear to have somehow been uninvolved with this year’s festivities as Lamar, Kanye and Scott appear to be…well, no where! Unfortunately North was also cut from this year’s Christmas card, but perhaps for the best as it appears that she would be lost amongst the egos? Bruce, however, was included the lucky thing. Was he the doting husband? Loving dad? No he was the cashier shoved into a glass box trying to escape; love and happiness and all that! We also see the matriarch of the family Kris Jenner with the words ‘Fame’ and ‘Money’ scratched above her head which I can only presume is her Christmas list, take note people! Kim, as ever, is the main attraction of the piece, wearing a long black dress and showing off her two main assets. She also has ‘The End’ written above her…urm…, me neither? Kourtney appears to be relatively normal holding Penelope while Mason appears to be reflecting the feeling of the public as he’s slumped next to Khloe looking particularly uninterested even for a 3 year old! Both Kendall and Kylie are dressed almost identically and mirror Kim, perhaps to reflect the families ability to turn out celebrities like a well-oiled machine? The card is also littered with Illuminati symbols which in my opinion is purely there to create something to talk about but hey, let the controversy begin.

All in all, the Kardashians appear to have produced a tragic excuse for a Christmas card. With little Christmas spirit and money leading the way, they have certainly enlightened us as to what Christmas might be like in the Kardashian household. Thankfully, we do not need to live it. Good Luck Bruce, it looks like it’s going to be an expensive one. Merry Christmas everyone!