Michael Jackson Tribute – 3 years on

Afforded more security than the President of the USA, Michael Jackson, (Glod bless his soul) was taken away from us three years ago today.  His death is far more complex than meets the eye, just as is suspected about those of Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse, but he continues to make the headlines just as he always did.


Despite whatever has been done to him, his legacy will always live on.  Why?  He is the  most talented entertainer to have ever graced the earth.  He has contributed more to music and the industry than any other individual.  He is the one we owe so much to.


It was his creativity that sparked the beginning of ‘music videos’.  His dance moves were incredible and influenced so many people.  His amazing talent as a singer cannot be disputed; listen to the lead and backing vocals in any of his songs – he gets it all so right and so beautiful, and in places, so sexy.  For examples of the latter, check out ‘The Lady In My Life’ from the Thriller album.  He was an amazing beat boxer.  Amazing.  See the video below the images for an example of his beat boxing skills.  Plus, he always managed to outdo himself, always giving his fans something  bigger and better.


Don’t believe the fake stories of child molestation, they were only created to blacken his name.  The devil is in the detail, as they say.


Michael was always just a very caring, humble, decent guy who appreciated and respected everyone, no matter who they were.  He loved mankind, he was a huge philanthropist, gave absolutely millions to charity and was  just a down to earth guy at heart who never wanted to disappoint his fans.


Disappoint you never did, Michael.


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Now, as promised, the video of Michael Jackson beat boxing during his interview with Oprah Winfrey.  The interview took place in his house at his Neverland Ranch on February 10, 1993.  It became the most watched interview of all time, unsurprisingly.  At this point they’re sat talking in his home cinema/theatre… httpv://