Michelle Williams transforms into Marilyn Monroe

Michelle Williams transforms into Marilyn Monroe


She has a name that’s recognisable all over the world, known for her sex symbol image, curvaceous body and her dazzling Hollywood smile. She’s the woman men want to be with and women want to be. While she died almost 50 years ago, Marilyn Monroe’s legacy continues, making her much more than a sordid sex symbol, but as a cultural icon who continues to fascinate us.


Her life paints a picture ofHollywoodglamour, the lifestyle we all crave to have and be part of. When we think of Marilyn, we think of a carefree woman viewing the world through a child’s eyes. A blissful innocence, yet a confidence that knows she’s sexy. She’s the icon of the 50’s, a nostalgic reminder of the good old days, the bold style we love and the fashions that continue to be reborn year after year. Her charisma and sensitivity made her a star, but it was this that led to her untimely death.


Michelle Williams transforms into Marilyn MonroeWhen we look back at her life, we seem to brush over the darker moments, the moments which made her human, imperfect and ‘normal’. With her later years marked with illness, divorce and a reputation for being hard to work with, it seemed like her star persona was wearing thin. Monroe spoke about her trouble dealing with her sex symbol image a number of times, saying in one of her last interviews “Fame will go by, and, so long, I’ve had you fame. If it goes by, I’ve always known it was fickle. So at least it’s something I experienced, but that’s not where I live.”


In a new film out 25th November, titled My Week with Marilyn, we get to see the last moments of Monroe’s life through the eyes of a young British aristocrat, who was working on a film set for the first time. Set in the year 1956, it coversMonroe’s arrival inEngland for the role in The Prince and the Showgirl with iconic British actor Laurence Olivier.


Michelle Williams transforms into Marilyn Monroe

The film brilliantly shows the star’s fragility and vulnerability, while trying to balance her celebrity self with the real her. The film takes you through a journey of fame, love, depression and loneliness and offers the audience a different snapshot in to her life. Behind every still, there is a moving, living person. The film concentrates on this person, the living Marilyn; dealing with her third divorce, a new love and her dependence on sedatives.


Directed by Simon Curtis, Michelle Williams portrays Marilyn Monroe in a convincing way, offering the audience a new insight in to her character. With an impressive cast including Judi Dench, Emma Watson and Kenneth Branagh, the film is an enjoyable character journey which will certainly be a treat for Marilyn fans. The fashion in the film is classic Monroe; figure hugging pencil skirts, timeless black court shoes and understated accessories which all add to the films credibility and authenticity. It is a treat for the eyes as well as being an incredibly moving piece of film.


Marilyn Monroe is a name which is now iconic, a woman who could capture audiences with both her looks and wit. While she may have not considered herself a star, the rest of the world certainly does.


My Week with Marilyn is out in cinemas now.



  1. karen says:

    A lovely article about Marilyn. As an avid fan of Marilyn this has convinced me to go and watch the film. Well done Hanna i enjoyed this hope to read articles from you.

  2. Dawn Wood says:

    Loved this article Hanna! I went to see this film last week and it certainly did not disappoint! So well done for your written account of a great movie :)

  3. Hanna Fowler says:

    Thank you for your lovely comments!