Miley Cyrus… the melt down that isn’t a melt down!!!

Miley CyrusToday national tabloid ‘The Sun’ have released a picture that Miley Cyrus has taken, it is of herself in some underwear and sat on a directors chair. With this picture came an article suggesting that she is spiralling out of control. Well I have a huge revelation for ‘The Sun’ and for everyone else… she is a teenager!

Miley Cyrus first auditioned for Hannah Montana when she was 11, and by 12 she had landed the role. Trish Cyrus was then tasked with finding her representation, and so began the Miley Cyrus years. When she landed the part, her career began in music, and with her father’s support she was then able to really compete in the charts. With success in the charts, and success in front of the screen Miley Cyrus very quickly discovered what it was to be a celebrity.


Miley Cyrus quickly lost the ability to be able to walk the streets like a normal 12 year old, and quickly realised that she would be unable to hang out in places that normal 12 year olds do. Imagine being 12 and not been able to play football with your friends, go to the park, or just be a child. Instead you life is thrust in front of the world and every single mistake you make is made public.


Miley quietly went about her business until she was 17 and at that stage controversy started to surround her. She uploaded some pictures on to her private myspace account and from there the press went wild. The pictures were various shots of her with girls making crude gestures and there were pictures released of her in her underwear. When they first came out parents said she was a poor example for children her age, and others said she shouldn’t be getting away with putting these pictures up. Following that she did a photo shoot where she was aware it was nude, but was promised she would be covered. Sadly the covering wasn’t the best, and whilst you couldn’t see anything major, the implications were there. Again there was uproar about how old she was and why these photo’s were being taken. Following more photos of her with different boyfriends and in provocative positions the press have now deemed her to be in the process of a melt down. Her latest picture for the press is confirmation of her melt down… or is it?


When I think of the children I have taught and considered their facebook accounts they have uploaded pictures quite similar to that of Cyrus, they have also had various different boyfriends and why? Because they’re teenagers. Miley Cyrus hasn’t been able to do the things that normal teenagers do, and when she takes some daft pictures and gets through various boyfriends people seem to think it’s a melt down. I am 25 and I get though a lot of girlfriends, I’m not in the middle of a breakdown (maybe a mid life crisis). It’s absurd to deem the girl is in a melt down, she is being normal, and instead of condemning the girl maybe we should be happy about the fact that she is normal and isn’t doing a Britney and shaving her head. We should embrace the fact that she is a teenager and support her career. She is now moving in to adulthood and her music is also maturing, with this she is putting on more provocative shows. Should this be happening? She isn’t 12 anymore, and she isn’t playing the part of Hannah Montana, she is becoming an adult, and with that comes the responsibility of making your own choices. Miley Cyrus is choosing her career path, and the press should support that.


Sean Bromley