Miquita Oliver Files For Bankruptcy

Miquita Oliver Bankrupt


She’s was well known for popping up on our screens each weekend to present shows like T4 and popworld, but the quirky presenter that has been abscent from our screens for a while now has recently filed for bankruptcy.

It has been revealed that Miquita Oliver, best friend of Lily Allen, has run up a hefty debt of unpaid tax bills and is now said to owe HM Revenue & Customs over £170,000! Wow!

Miquita’s publicist announced the news in a statement to The Huffington Post, they said: ”We can confirm that Miquita Oliver filed for bankruptcy in November 2011.

“She has many projects in the pipeline both here and in the US for 2012.”

The presenter’s finances are said to be in ruins; a statement released by accountancy firm Baker Tilly Restructuring and Recovery has shed some light on the 27-year-old’s trouble, the statement read:

“HMRC had petitioned for Miss Oliver to be declared bankrupt for unpaid taxes amounting to £174,514.47.

“Due to the fact this amount had not been collected by the due date set by HMRC a Bankruptcy Order was issued to Miss Oliver in respect to the mentioned amount on 11 November 2011… At this stage it is too early to comment on the level of Miss Oliver’s assets and the likely return to creditors.”

Oh dear, she has got herself into a bit of a pickle by the sounds of this, it just goes to show no matter how much money you make, nothing is ever guranteed so you shouldn’t squander or take things for granted, just saying!

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