Nicole Scherzinger: Odd Fashion

Nicole ScherzingerNicole Scherzinger is undeniably beautiful, has a great body, and appears to be a lovely person. Unfortunately, her fashion sense (or lack of) is often a confused mish mash of styles that leaves one wondering what she was thinking.


When reviewing Scherzinger’s style the words erratic, oddly matched, over the top, too much of one thing, tacky and cheap tart often come to mind.  With that said when she looks as though she’s put in less effort she tends to look better. She needs to be aware that certain fabrics and particular styles are going to channel a stripper look on her rather than a merely playful one. Being a foxy lady as she is, sometimes she can portray herself as a loose woman even though somebody else wearing the exact same outfit would look quirky instead. As she’s not in her 20s some of her outfits can make her look a little silly and age inappropriate.  She also needs to remember that less is more, particularly if she wants to look classy.  Sometimes the accessorising is simply mismatched or else looks over the top resulting in a hip hop music video tart look rather than model-like sophistication, which she is actually capable of pulling off.


To help Nicole Scherzinger we have decided to give her some constructive criticism on where her style’s gone wrong in each of the images below and what she could have done better.



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