Not Even Chernobyl Could Knock Cher

Cher LloydYou go into now and search ‘Cher’ and automatically ‘Cher Lloyd’ appears in the top window. Even before her ‘Worth-It’ mentor Cheryl Cole, and the world’s greatest nuclear disaster, Chernobyl, and of course let’s not forget THE infamous leotard-adorning Cher. Judging by these facts, it seems that Cher Lloyd has made quite the impact on the worldwide population. Who would’ve ever thought that the girl who received hate-mail just a few weeks into the live episodes of X-Factor would be creating such a buzz on the media scene?


Well, the reason is quite simple: she worked hard, shrugged off any bad press, and churned out a great set of tunes. Her first song, ‘Swagger Jagger’ received bouts of criticism, and was ridiculed almost to the degree of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’, yet it still reached number one. Then there was ‘With Ur Love’, featuring the laid-back casual attitude of Mike Posner that unexpectedly set Cher steam-rolling into being a serious artist.


So, it seems that whatever she is doing, she is doing it right. But who’s to say she wasn’t doing it right all along? Her very first audition became an ear-splintering smash on Youtube, reaching an astonishing twenty million hits, pretty much setting her off on a platform high above her other reality star competitors, and assuming her place amongst the best of the best. Perhaps we did all see the star in her from the start…


Not only does she raise attention by how successful she has become already, but I think she’s taught us all quite a fine lesson on self-belief and, indeed, accepting ourselves. She hasn’t changed who she was from the beginning (albeit, with a little less make-up), and still proudly raises that upper-lip when she sings with arrrrrrrttitude, whilst nonchalantly brandishing her tattoos without a care for any flack that might follow. In fact, she recently got a new tattoo, her eighth new edition, of five butterflies with ‘Boo’ detailed on them to commemorate her late Uncle. She recently tweeted the tat to her fans, whom she cheekily labels ‘The Brats’. Eight tattoos might not seem altogether fitting for a young songstress that popped out of the reality T.V. show machine… but, who really does want to fit into stereotypes?


Her new single ‘Want U Back’ is excellent (even if the text-speak spelling is just a little bit medieval), featuring US X Factor wonder-boy Astro, and demonstrates Cher’s playful and virtuous attitude brilliantly. Her steely sustainability in an industry that might’ve wiped out any other eighteen year-old fresh off a reality show is surely something to commemorate, and is nothing short of incredible. So, I urge you; applaud the bold, congratulate the courageous, and bask in the vivacity of our very own Cher Lloyd that, deep down, we all can’t help but love!


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