Not So Equal

George Clooney and Stacy Keibler - SAG Awards 2012If you saw a woman in her forties with grey hair what would your first thought be? Perhaps that she needed to hide these signs of aging, or be impressed at someone not feeling the need to be ashamed about getting older.


If you’re a man though, rather than pity or shock, it seems the view is pretty different. “Silver fox” may have been used to describe Hollywood actor and serial single man George Clooney who is currently dating a pro wrestler in her thirties, and showing no signs of ever settling down. What would happen if an actress like Nicole Kidman or Sandra Bullock stepped onto a red carpet with even a hint (!) of grey showing? Photos in gossip columns, on chat shows, comments like “What was she thinking?” no doubt.


After a story in 2007 that fellow actor Michelle Pfeiffer had bet Clooney £50,000 that he would never get married, and a similar one that Kidman had bet £10,000 on the same event, I thought about why if a man says he doesn’t want to commit it can be seen very differently to if a woman did the same. The term “eternal bachelor” seems to have very different connotations from an “eternal singleton”. In the battle of Bridget Jones vs. Mr Clooney, who seems more appealing? Thinking about this reminded me of a Sex and the City episode where Miranda describes a single man with no job and nowhere to live as “a catch” but a woman with a job and her own place is considered strange.


When it comes to getting older isn’t it time we stopped judging men and women differently? Then again, with the introduction on more anti ageing products for men that seems to be happening, with Hugh Laurie advertising L’Oreal skincare and Ryan Reynolds seen representing Hugo Boss, maybe things are staring to even out. Mr Clooney as the new face of L’Oreal at some point? I’m sure his fans would think he’s worth it.


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