Oscars 2012 Fashion

Rooney Mara - Oscars 2012The 2012 Oscars have been and gone and it’s difficult to not want to mention some of the high fashion moments, and perhaps glance at the not so high ones too.  Overall, perhaps it’s safe to say that the red carpet fashion was not quite what was expected.  There is always a lot of pressure on celebrities to look their finest at these awards so let’s see who hit the mark and who didn’t.


Two of the most Oscar appropriate and simply stunning outfits were worn by Milla Jovovich and Rooney Mara.  It wasn’t necessarily just the outfits but also their hair and make-up, their confidence and their natural sex appeal that helped them pull it off.  Flowing dresses, old Hollywood glamour and a modern day attitude.  They were probably the best dressed of the night, especially Rooney Mara.  With the Spring/Summer 2012 white palette and the simple head to toe glamour, they looked utterly gorgeous and sexy.  It’s strange to think that such stars would be stealing the limelight from some of the more obvious candidates but whilst the regular hotties adorned looks ranging from “lovely” to “a bit boring”, it stands to reason that the best dressed accolade would go to someone else.


Cameron Diaz: pretty but no major wow factor.


Gwyneth Paltrow: a boring structured outfit when it’s really much more desirable to see flowing ballroom style looks on the Oscars’ red carpet.


Michelle Williams: pretty but again nothing special, unfortunately.  Perhaps due to her hairstyle she needs to add a bit more oomph in her outfits as the neck up always looks the same which is becoming a tad boring.


Angelina Jolie: did she practice that God-awful pose in the mirror at home and think it looked good?  That awkward leg poking out way too far away from the rest of her body just looks SO wrong and so very silly.  The dress itself is a Jolie usual, a bit boring, “nice” is about as far as you can go.  The hair, make-up and accessories leave nothing to be desired for.  Not even her man looks particularly desirable.


Sandra Bullock: looks miserable and perhaps it’s the dress that brought her mood down.  She usually does much better with her outfit choices.


Natalie Portman: again with the strapless number.  Need a new look from her now.  She’s certainly got the good looks to pull off something a bit different for a change.  The print of this dress made it look a little more daytime maxi dress than a red carpet number.


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