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Legend Tony Curtis Dies At Home, Aged 85

Legendary actor, Tony Curtis, has died of a heart attack after struggling with his health for a number of years.  His sixth wife and widow today paid tribute to the actor whilst weeping with grief over her loss.  Curtis is said to have died “peacefully” at his home at the age of 85. Jill Curtis,  [...]

David Beckham Prostitute Allegations

Livid David Beckham is poised to launch a second round of legal action after In Touch magazine claimed the Galaxy star had an encounter with two prostitutes in 2007.  Beckham’s spokespeople vehemently deny the claims. The LA Galaxy star is furious after Kristin Davis, the notorious madam who provided disgraced ex-New York Governor Eliot Spitzer with female [...]

Russell Brand Jumps to Katy Perry’s Defence

Russell Brand was yesterday arrested at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) after an alleged attack on a member of the paparazzi. The British comedian was travelling with his fiance Katy Perry when he is said to have become irate at a photographer.  It is believed the photographer attempted to take snaps up Ms. Perry’s dress. [...]

Wayne Rooney and the Twitter Attack

I refuse to enter into the cheating footballer debate anymore.  I’ve tried but the only conclusion I’ve come to is that they all must be insanely stupid. Cue Wayne Rooney, who stands accused this weekend of cheating on his wife, adding to the long, long list of sporting ‘stars’ who have done the same. However, [...]

Simon Cowell’s X Factor Shame

LovesScene Magazine loved Simon Cowell.  He is sophisticated, charming, attractive and charismatic.  He has a real down to earth quality about him which only makes him even more appealing to the general public. One cannot help but have massive respect for him when gazing adoringly at how he always gives the perfect comment to each [...]

Is Kim Too Big?

News just in… Kim Cattrall (aka Samantha in SATC – like you didn’t already know) is apparently too ‘curvy’ to fit into the hundreds of freebies sent to her by young designers. Following on from Christina Hendricks’ (Man Men) complaint of the same nature, Kim said, “I’m not a sample size like Sarah or Kristen…so [...]

Bring back 1999…

I’ll set the record straight before I go on to say what I’m about to say. I love Gail Porter.  I think she’s beautiful. And after suffering from alopecia (a condition in which hair is lost from all areas of the body) I think she is by far one of the most dignified and upbeat [...]

Konnie Huq marries Charlie Brooker in Las Vegas!

X Factor presenter Konnie Huq and Charlie Brooker have confirmed they have married in Las Vegas, describing themselves as ‘blissfully happy’.  A spokeswoman confirmed rumours from the weekend that the happy couple had wed in a small ceremony over a week ago in Nevada’s Sin City. The pair were engaged a few months ago after [...]

Chantelle Houghton…. 15 minutes more!

She was once a Paris Hilton look-alike, these days’s she is a Z list celebrity, yet for some reason, I can’t help but have compassion for Chantelle Houghton. On January 5th we were all introduced to a young girl who wanted to be on Big Brother, her aim was simple, convince some genuine celebrities you [...]

Ticking Timebomb?

There is no one more excited about the start of the X-Factor. No one. My Saturday nights are now complete. Saturdays used to be filled with good food, good wine and good company but now the best ‘reality’ TV programme in the world is back to add to the mix. And, dare I say it…it’s [...]

Chantelle & Preston Reunited On Ultimate Big Bother

So Ultimate Big Brother is finally here and the producers appear to have played cupid a little… …Chantelle and Preston back under the roof where their love first blossomed. Question is, do YOU think they’ll get it on? Leave your comments…

Kerry Katona Says No To Relationships

I’m A Celebrity… star Kerry Katona has revealed that while she would consider a sex buddy, someone she could sleep with with no strings attached, she will not enter into a relationship right now. The newly single mum-of-four expresses her desire to stay free and single for the meantime, much to the benefit of the [...]

Disgraced Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Divorced

They wish “each other the very best for the future” but that future won’t be spent together as Tiger Woods and Swedish wife Elin Nordegren officially divorced today. The marriage was formally dissolved in a Florida court today but they shall be sharing joint custody of their two children. The world became privy to the [...]

Could you resist a greasy burger?

I realise as a woman, I probably shouldn’t compare other women to cuts of beef but reading about Peter Crouch cheating on Abbey Clancey leaves me with very little choice but to foot the comparison. So here goes… We’ve all come across the age-old saying, ‘Why go out for a greasy burger when you’ve got [...]

Paris Hilton Sued for Breach of £22m Hair Extensions Contract

Paris Hilton is being sued for £22million… over hair extensions.  That’s right.  Does that sound like a ridiculous abuse of law or is it indicative of the amount of money Hilton received for the contract deal she signed with Beverly Hills firm Hairtech? Well, the heiress and socialite signed a £2.2million deal to act as [...]

The Selfish World: Naomi Campell

“I want to get this over and done with…. This is a big inconvenience for me” Naomi Campbell has had a modelling career like no other, at age 15 she was spotted window shopping by the head of Synchro Modelling Agency. And from there went on to become the most famous model ever, her early [...]

Material Girls: Madonna & Lourdes Sex Up Teenagers

Madonna is under scrutiny for “sexualising” young girls with the new fashion range Material Girl that her daughter of 13 years age has helped her design  The pop queen released images to launch the collection but campaigners have labelled it “inappropriate”.  It would apppear as though Madonna is reliving her youth through her daughter, and [...]

Katie Price: Money First, Love Second

Wouldn’t it be great if for one week Katie Price didn’t make a single newspaper, or magazine, or any other form of media, wouldn’t it be the best week if we could keep her out of the press for a whole week, a part of me thinks it’s impossible, because that would mean she would [...]

Lindsay Lohan serves 13 days in prison… wow!

In reality, Lindsay Lohan and her constant attention grabbing behaviour requires no more web space than they already receive but when it was announced that she today left prison after serving only 13 days of a 90-day sentence, it just has to be said… how ridiculous!  All that appears to have come out of this [...]

Victoria Beckham Graces Vogue Magazine Cover… Again!

Victoria Beckham is no stranger to fame but she must be proud of her latest achievement.  She has now managed to grace the cover of Vogue magazine for the FIFTH time!  The 36 year old has appeared on the cover of the Turkish edition of the world famous magazine looking positively sexy and smouldering! She [...]