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Demi Moore is ‘sick to her stomach’

Let’s be honest, it is every ex’s nightmare to hear that their previous flame has hooked up with someone else and for Demi Moore this is no different. In fact, it is probably more painful to hear the news via the media, especially for someone who is constantly in the spotlight anyway.   Left in [...]

Madame Tussaud and Selena Gomez Butt Waxy Foreheads

If I was Selena Gomez I think I’d be one of the most troubled girls in all of Toy Town (the Disney star realm), not only because I’d be lumped with one of the most feminised boys in all of Sponge City (the pop stars’ dominion) but because Madame Tussaud singlehandedly just crumbled soot in [...]


So, you’re eating a cake, a good cake, and someone tells you it’s high in fat and sugar and, unfortunately, is very bad for you. Understandable, surely? Everyone knows the word ‘cake’ alone connotes lip-smacking fret and worry twenty seconds after cleaning your lips, whilst reaching for the second slice. And this is effectively the [...]

Kim Kardashian Gets ‘Flour Bombed’

Well, this is a random story for your Friday morning, Kim Kardashian was yesterday ‘flour bombed’ on the red carpet of an event to promote her new perfume True Reflection.   The E! reality star was left humilated in front of hundreds of fans, paparazzi and staff at the London Hotel in West Hollywood, after [...]

One Direction Make US Chart History!

  The group have had a very busy few weeks promoting their album on a tour around the US, but today One Direction have reason to take a well deserved break and celebrate, as they have become the first British group to debut at number one in America!   The baby-faced boyband have today made [...]

Eva Longoria Fashion Hits

Although she used to be known for her display of bright, vibrant colours, Eva Longoria often favours the whites, creams and blacks, especially in recent times.  With hair, make-up and natural beauty such as hers, she doesn’t need to add effect to stand out, she does that quite naturally anyway.   Click images to enlarge…

Desperate Housewives and Famous Ex-Wives

Jurors assessing the dismissal case against Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry are struggling to reach a verdict.   Nicollette Sheridan insists she was fired after telling the TV network’s bosses that the writer/producer had hit her on set.   Cherry’s defence is that he was merely demonstrating how he wanted her to act in a [...]

Florence Welch’s Style

Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine has a very unique style.  She has never been afraid to embrace her own idea of fashion and no matter how kooky you may think her style is, she owns it and that makes her fashionista statements very appealing.   She is all about textures and prints and [...]

Tulisa dating Skins bad boy

X Factor judge and new nation’s sweetheart Tulisa Contostavlos, is said to be dating Skins most famous bad boy, Jack O’Connell, who played rebellious Jack Cook in the E4 hit drama, just two months after her split with former boyfriend, N-Dubz bandmate, Fazer.   But who can blame her?! Cook was a secret favourite amongst viewers [...]

Desperate Housewives: Courtroom Drama!

Desperate Housewives burst onto our screens back in 2004, keeping millions of us hooked on the antics of the women of Wisteria Lane. With news that this season will be its last (sob) viewers have expected even more drama and suspense as we prepare to say goodbye to Bree, Lynette, Susan and Gabrielle; however, in [...]

The Tale of The Arrogant Hashtag

I don’t know, is it wrong for me to stop caring about the mass majority of celebrities? Maybe it’s something in the water, or something I ate last night. But really, my caring has literally diminished to the point of me being more concerned about my window-cleaner and his filthy tea-bag-looking fingernails than indulging myself [...]

Ella Harriet Laver’s Got ‘The London Look’

Ella Laver has won the hearts of a nation and secured a contract to become one of the faces of a famous make-up brand, by winning a public vote in More magazine to be named Miss Rimmel Sunshimmer (Grimsby Telegraph Nov 2011)   Last year, Ella Laver, 20, was imagining every young girl’s desire of [...]

Sarah Jessica Parker Style Highlights

Sarah Jessica Parker is one of those ladies we just want to see looking amazing and fashionable.  Whilst her daytime attire may be a tad drab, her red carpet looks are often fantastic!   We’ve picked some of our favourite SJP style looks for you.   Click images to enlarge…   Images courtesy of:; [...]

Michelle Williams Style

It seems that with her pixie hairstyle and practise of walking down the red carpet, Michelle Williams has transformed her look.  She seems ever so comfortable in her own skin, seems to know what she wants to look like and is happy to follow her own rules regarding fashion.   She is fast becoming an [...]

Rihanna Deja Vu

So it turns out that Rihanna is bored of being single and is desperate to land herself a man.  Perhaps if she appeared more approachable rather than arrogant she would stand a better chance.  I do wonder how many people see her utterly arrogant side.  You often see her on the red carpet with her [...]

More of a Steve Brookstein than a Britney

It actually hurts me to draw even more attention to the leech that is literally sucking the life out of the word ‘celebrity’, but Kerry Katona has to be the worst person in the world. For years I’ve been finding it difficult to come to terms with how people still care about whatever she has [...]

Celebrity Babies – Are They All Really That Cute?

Whenever you hear about celebrity babies in mainstream media, you hear the words “adorable” or “gorgeous” included within the statement.  It’s as though the same journalists that revel in watching the rise and fall of celebrities, are incapable of calling a celebrity baby anything but adorable.  Being polite and kind is one thing, they are [...]

Russell Brand Spotted With ‘New Girlfriend’

Russell Brand has only just signed his divorce papers, yet the rumour mill has already started to turn as speculation around a new girlfriend grows.   The English comedian was spotted and snapped out with Oriela Medellin shopping in West Hollywood over the weekend and the two were photographed as they headed to a shop [...]

Oscars 2012 Fashion

The 2012 Oscars have been and gone and it’s difficult to not want to mention some of the high fashion moments, and perhaps glance at the not so high ones too.  Overall, perhaps it’s safe to say that the red carpet fashion was not quite what was expected.  There is always a lot of pressure [...]

Amy Childs ‘Tortured’ by Fame

Amy Childs’ depressing tales of the trials and tribulations of fame: Chapter One   Fame wouldn’t be fame if it wasn’t curdled by those in the spotlight complaining about all of those ‘little people’ ruining their expectations of fame and being, well, just plain mean. How cruel of us not to bask in another being, [...]