Paris Hilton Sued for Breach of £22m Hair Extensions Contract

Paris Hilton is being sued for £22million… over hair extensions.  That’s right.  Does that sound like a ridiculous abuse of law or is it indicative of the amount of money Hilton received for the contract deal she signed with Beverly Hills firm Hairtech?

Well, the heiress and socialite signed a £2.2million deal to act as a model and spokeswoman for the firm.  The bosses of Hairtech are furious that Hilton signed their contact and then appeared on TV and in magazines wearing hair extensions made by a rival company.

Hairtech’s recent actions also stem from anger over the fact that 3 years previously Paris Hilton failed to turn up for a “very important” launch party in honour of their extensions range because she was otherwise tied up… in prison.

She was serving her 23 days behind bars back in 2007 for using a suspended driving licence while on probation for reckless driving.

The lawsuit claims Hilton’s no-show at their hair extensions launch party cost Hairtech £4million.  Why, because more than 600 “hair extension professionals” were due to attend the event, and when the heiress did not attend, this was their resulting financial loss!

That’s not all. Hairtech have also accused Hilton of violating their contract with her incessant partying in full view of the public.  They go on to claim that her improper activities and behaviour has harmed the firm’s reputation on the whole.  Ah.  Now we understand the £22.4million law suit over a £2.2 million contract.

Paris Hilton, heir to the Hilton hotel fortune, did not comment, and nor has her publicist but one can’t imagine it is much of a concern for such a wealthy family.  Hairtech will sue, Hilton will pay, and in the meantime, they both gain welcomed publicity!