Peter Andre Could Be Yours For A Fee

Peter AndreIf you want to bag yourself a TV personality, lawyer, surgeon and maybe even Peter Andre then get thee signed up to dating agency Berkeley International, the singles agency that charges fees of £8,000 plus to help those flush with the cash find love… or at least a partner.


Peter Andre announced his split from Frank Lampard’s ex Elen Rivas at the beginning of April 2011 and is now said to be looking for love.


Peter Andre is said to be considering other exclusive agencies too so it will be interesting to see who his next beau is and whether she is the result of a vetted, professional match making service.


It’s not a bad idea for celebrities who have busy schedules and want to find someone of a similar socio-economic status.  Jennifer Aniston also solicited professional help with her love life when she joined a dating site and uploaded her profile without a photo of herself.  Joan Rivers, Matthew Perry and Halle Berry are also claimed to have joined online dating sites in the past and you can imagine there are many others who have done it but kept it to themselves.


Peter Andre deserves to have someone wonderful in his life who cares for him.  He has always come across as an incredibly sweet guy.  It was always an odd pairing when he married Katie Price.  Watching her constantly belittling him on their chat show Unleashed was painful and shameful.  You could tell there and then that she did not deserve him and that he wasn’t being treated as he should. As if you do that to the person you love in front of the entire world.


As genuinely lovely as Peter Andre seems, we’re not sure you would want to get involved with someone who’s previous baggage comes in the form of Katie Price though!  Especially when they’ll forever be linked with their offspring.

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