Prince Harry’s Girlfriend…*sob*

Females across the country cried into their roasts this Sunday. It was the fateful day that Harry and Cressida’s officialdom was released in the press. It is indeed a sad, sad Har Creetime for the women of Britain. After William and Kate set their relationship in stone by getting married almost two years ago now, we clung on to the fairy tale dream that we’d casually bump into Prince Harry somewhere (apparently he was spotted in a Sainsbury’s a couple of months ago, so it wasn’t such a far-flung dream was it?). Imagine it now ladies! You’re picking up something for lunch in your local Sainsbury’s. You’re standing there checking out the meal deals. You reach out for that tasty looking chicken wrap. It’s the last one on the shelf. But someone else reaches for it too! *Gasp* it’s a handsome man! And it’s not just any handsome man! It’s PRINCE HARRY! *SQUEAL* But you’re calm and cool (you only scream like a girl on the inside). He looks into your eyes, he smiles and pulls you to him in a passionate embrace. Lips meet! Choirs sing! A wind ruffles your hair romantically! Ah….

But now that CAN’T happen. There’s not a chance! Because Britain’s beloved bad boy prince has found a new girlfriend. Boo…

There were rumours and sneaky paparazzi snapshots flying around the net for months (we all saw that ski trip snap didn’t we?) The truth was in our faces for a good while, but we chose to deny it, brushing it off as friendship…*sigh*

So who is she? The girl that got the Prince? Well, her name is Cressida Bonas, she’s 24 and daughter of aristocracy. Her mother was a famous model and It-Girl in the swinging sixties, and her father is a (very) successful entrepeneur. She has evidently inherited her mother’s model looks, and has modelled for big names including Burberry. She is studying dance and loves winter sports. So the sporty, active girl seems to be a perfect fit for Harry who doesn’t sit still for a moment’s rest. Maybe they will have their happily ever after. Probably running off to get hitched in Vegas, rather than following age-old traditions and getting married at Westminster Abbey.

So what are we to dream of now?! Never fear! For there are a surprising amount of beautiful princes still single in Europe. How about Prince Amadeo of Belgium (well, hello!). Or Pierre Casiraghi, Prince of Monaco (can’t go wrong with a son of the most beautiful royal family that included Grace Kelly) or the rather dashing, Orlando-Bloom-esque, Carl Philip of Sweden? (yes please!)

So don’t sit at home crying over the photos of Harry and Cressida together, get going and catch yourself a continental prince instead!