Prince William and Kate Middleton’s New Residence

Prince William & Kate MiddletonPrince William and Kate Middleton, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, had earlier this year assumed they would make Princess Margaret’s previous home at Kensington Palace their home in the capital.  They were excited about the prospect because of it’s spacious airy layout.  However, it would now appear that they are to move into a different apartment at the palace as the apartment of choice will not be available.


Their desired apartment will be responsible for generating cash to make the palace pay for itself by opening its doors to the public.  Historic Royal Palaces, who have been tasked with making the palace financially self-sufficient state on their website that the apartment is “a private, exclusive and contemporary space”, “ideal for intimate dinners and lunches, and perfect for meetings”.


The newly-weds are now being urged to temporarily move into a more modest quarter of previously unoccupied rooms at Kensington Palace, thought to be infected with asbestos.  It would be interesting to know exactly how modest it really is.


Regardless of the fact that their new London home at the palace is said to be less appealing, it is only to be one of their homes and when you are moving in for free, does it really matter?  Add to that the fact that they will have a housekeeper, butler, valet and dresser to help them live their lives one can’t really say they’re roughing it!

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