Rihanna Caught Smoking Cannabis on Holiday

Rihanna in HawaiiThe Bajan beauty and pop princess Rihanna was photographed earlier this week on holiday in Hawaii enjoying a ‘high’ that perhaps the sun, sea and sand could not quite provide in the same way.  Having taken some much needed time off after her gruelling tour, Rihanna tweeted:  ‘kush rolled, glass full… I prefer the better things!’


Nonetheless, some fans have blasted the singer for being irresponsible and glamorising cannabis-smoking, especially given that RiRi has some fans that are particularly young and impressionable.  However, why have these fans not also noticed that their line of reasoning is both ridiculous and inconsistent, at best?


Set aside the fact that she is an adult and can do whatever she wants to do – could it not be argued that her lyrical content should be the greater worry? It certainly seems as if no-one seems to mind the fact that young girls are singing lyrics such as ‘sex in the air, I don’t care I love the smell of it’ or even ‘come  here rude boy boy is you big enough… can you get it up’? Lyrics like this leave no room for innuendo at all and could well make even your granddad blush. If these people are truly upset about the damage seeing such photos is going to do, why do they not also worry about the other implications that come with being a fan of Rihanna? Ultimately, if young girls particularly are fans of Rihanna and their parents are happy with their children’s musical choices – they will also have to accept that the singer has a life and habits away from centre stage.


In other Rihanna news, however, the starlet has announced that she will be performing with Coldplay at this year’s Grammy Awards.  Having combined forces and rocked out the show with The Klaxons at the Brit Awards in 2008, we may be able to look forward to another dynamic collaboration with Rihanna and Coldplay in the coming weeks.


By Kaz