Rihanna Deja Vu

Rihanna - London Fashion Week 2012So it turns out that Rihanna is bored of being single and is desperate to land herself a man.  Perhaps if she appeared more approachable rather than arrogant she would stand a better chance.  I do wonder how many people see her utterly arrogant side.  You often see her on the red carpet with her head cockily raised up high; so much so that all you see are her nostrils.  Not just when she’s trying to be sexy.


Love her or hate her, she is utterly in love with herself.  She does not have that sweet glint in her eyes anymore.  She used to be sweet and pretty and had a gentleness about her.  She just does not have any warmth in those eyes now.  The ‘eyes are the window to the soul’ after all. After teaming up with equally arrogant Jay Z she’s not only become less appealing in many ways, even if some of her songs are catchy, she has also become just another pop star who uses too much sex to sell records.


It’s intriguing that people should care about the fact that she is making music with her ex boyfriend and alleged abuser, Chris Brown, and the fact that it is sending out the wrong message to impressionable youngsters.  What about all her other tarty behaviour and indecent song lyrics and raunchy music videos?  Which aspects of Rihanna’s life and the messages she conveys has ever been clean and wholesome?  She has never behaved like a role model and has never professed to be one.  At the end of the day, it’s up to parents to teach their kids right from wrong.  It’s up to them to advise their children about (or ban them from) watching and listening to inappropriate songs, movies, and the like.  That’s not her job.  Her job is, however, to maintain her star status but is she doing enough?


Some will be screaming, “Yes.  She’s amazing.  She’s so talented…”  Others, however, definitely feel that Rihanna seems to have become one of those boring, predictable fixtures now, and not simply due to her repetitive outfits at London Fashion Week, the Brits and the Grammys.   The general arrogance, the terrible hairstyles, the usually mediocre if not down right awful fashion sense, and the consistent bawdiness are all becoming a little tiresome now.


What are your thoughts?  Rihanna – brilliant or boring?