Rihanna Gets New Inking

Rihanna new tattoo 2012Rihanna’s one of those women that’s well known for her inkings and there’s not many women that can pull off that many tattoos so well. I’ve always been a fan of her small, delicate and pretty tattoos and like how they all seem to be placed on her body in places that are visible but easily hidden at the same time.


Unfortunately, there’s only so much room to use and numerous tattoos can quickly become tacky, and that just about sums up Rhi Rhi’s new ink.


The 23-year-old singer showed off her new tattoo by posting a photograph on Twitter last night – a brand new tat of the words ‘thug life’ across her knuckles in white ink. The inking is apparently a tribute to rapper 2Pac, who created a group and album of the same name.


She tweeted: “All these b*tches screaming that 2pac back #THUGLIFE”.


And she didn’t stop there, tweeting her way through what she reffered to as ‘tat night’, the Barbadian born superstar also got another ink, let’s say, in a more private place…


Not wanting to reveal the second inking, which appears to be of a similar nature to scenes of her We Found Love video, she instead tweeted a snap of herself lying on her front getting the tattoo whilst sipping a beer to ease the pain. Along with the snap she also tweeted a very cryptic message, she tweeted: “Tat my f*ckin name on u girl so I know it’s real!!! #MINE”.


This wouldn’t happen to be anything to do with the fact that Chris Brown got a picture of his girlfriend’s face tattooed on his arm would it?


Not that I’m suspicious at all but this is also just off the back of one of my recent articles titled ’Is Rhianna Back With Chris Brown?’


Hmmm, coincidence?



  1. Lucy says:

    I quite like them… but then again I will always stick up for tattoo kind! I do hope it’s not just to get back at that twit of an ex though :(

  2. Jasmin says:

    Me too, she could do so much better than him!