Rihanna Given The Boot By Irish Farmer

Rihanna New Video Shoot in County Down_ Northern IrelandIt sounds like a joke, but I can assure you it’s nothing but the truth! The Barbados bombshell, adored by millions and used to having an entourage of people do exactly as she says has actually been told off… by an irish farmer!


The superstar was filming the music video for her latest single We Found Love in a field in County Down, when farmer Alan Graham decided to give her the boot from his land.


Although the 23-year-old had been given permission from the farmer, when he went to fetch his tractor, he spotted the sultry star dancing around in her bra and was said to be horrified by Rhi Rhi’s raunchy behaviour.


After switching from a checked shirt into a stars-and-stipes bikini, a red bra, a mesh black top, Rihanna finally went topless before the 61-year-old devout Christian decided it was the last straw, as he jumped off his tractor to protest, telling the singer to cover up.


“I thought it was inappropriate. I requested them to stop and they did,” says Alan Graham.


“I had my conversation with Rihanna and I hope she understands where I’m coming from. We shook hands.”


“From my point of view, it was my land, I have an ethos and I felt it was inappropriate,” he said. “I wish no ill will against Rihanna and her friends. Perhaps they could acquaint themselves with a greater God.”


The farmer said he wasn’t aware of what the production team had planned for the video shoot before he allowed them access to his land, he also admitted to not knowing who she was: “I didn’t know who was coming. If the name ‘Rihanna’ had been mentioned, well, no disrespect but it wouldn’t have meant anything,” he explained.


It seems Alan Graham was the only one who wasn’t in favour of Rihanna’s actions though, as she stopped traffic in the middle of the Irish countryside, as hundreds of fans gathered to catch a glimpse of the singer.


I’m guessing he hasn’t seen the S&M video then yet?


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