Rihanna’s In Trouble AGAIN!

Rihanna Performs On X FactorNaughty, naughty, naughty, Rihanna is in trouble AGAIN!


The 23 year-old Barbados babe is yet again shocking the UK with her sexy and naughty stage antics, but are we really suprised?


The sexy singer stunned the studio audience of the X Factor in her performance on last nights results show after wearing, let’s say, inappropriate footwear. And it’s not the first time she has sparked uproar on the X Factor, as last year the show drew in complaints for Rhi Rhi’s raunchy on stage behaviour and very racy outift (or lack of it!).


So, this year being the good girl she is – cough – or should I say Good Girl Gone Bad see what I did there? – the superstar tried to tone down her look and behaviour at the show boss’ request.  However, being the cheeky lady that she is, Miss Fenty tricked the bosses by wearing a prim tartan frock, but that’s not what caused the trouble…


In true Rihanna style she sneakily wore black creeper style shoes with the words “F*** Off” scribbled along the side and flashed her stocking tops as she danced around the stage to her number one hit We Found Love.


At first glance the x-rated words were not noticeable, it wasn’t until the close up shots were shown that we noticed, but they were most certainly noticeable to the studio audience as fans in the front row gasped and pointed.


Lucy Morgan, 18 said: “I was shocked. She’s a rebel.” and Tamzin Lewis, 19 said: “They should have known she’d do something like that.”


Rihanna Performs On X FactorThe £100.00 shoes she wore were decorated with gold studs and came with a Tipp-Ex pen to add your own designs. Perhaps the controversial footwear was a cheeky salute to Ofcom and X Factor bosses?


Clearly they haven’t seen Rihanna in concert, as in my opinion that was quite tame, though I should point out I have seen her in concert straddling large pink army tanks and performing lap dances on fans! But maybe I’m biased, after all I am a big fan of Rhi Rhi.


We all know by now what she’s like though, and personally I wouldn’t have it any other way, she’s fun, outrageous, great entertainment and not to mention a hit making machine. If she were a plain Jane we’d all be complaining, I’m sure. I know her antics can sometimes get a bit out of control and she can take things too far, granted. She shouldn’t have worn those shoes pre-watershed I agree, but this is the 21st century and times have changed, Rihanna has changed and those who haven’t realised should really take note for the future!