Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Split

Kristen Stewart and Robert PattinsonIs it wrong to feel a tad smug about the fact that Robert Pattinson was being cheated on by Kristen Stewart?  His arrogant face.  The fact that he thinks he is so much more handsome than he is.


Kristen Stewart hasn’t exactly painted herself in a good light either.  She could have ended her relationship with Pattinson first, it’s not as though it meant dissolving a marriage.  Add to that the fact that the director she has been carrying out her affair with, Rupert Sanders, is also married, and we can see how her star will now fall, perhaps to where it belonged all along.


The fact that celebrities have affairs in public in the open air, as is clear from the paparazzi shots of Stewart and Sanders snogging outdoors, just shows how much people do not think about the consequences when chasing some fantasy life.  It’s almost as though affairs have become almost acceptable in today’s society.  As though people think that they will not suffer tough consequences anymore, that the partner will take them back regardless of what they’ve done, or they’ll easily find happiness elsewhere.


When will this insatiable and arrogant, unrealistic trend of wanting one’s cake and eating it, tail off?


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