Royal Baby Mania!

royalbabyJuly the 22nd 2013 was a momentous day for all of us Brits, and the rest of the world. Why? Because Kate Middleton gave birth of course!

The evening of this long awaited day saw the rapidly rising impatience of the last week diffuse along with the heavy storms that diffused the heat wave and the world celebrated. It’s really quite lovely that our royal family brings so much joy to so many people, not just in the UK, but everywhere. The news that Kate and Wills had had a baby boy was broadcast across the planet, being publicly announced in Times Square, Niagara Falls and Ottawa, among many other places. The Japanese took to the Tokyo Madame Tussauds and celebrated with the waxworks of the joyous new parents, English themed shops and cafes around the world decorated for the occasion and world leaders flooded the couple with their good wishes.

So it’s a boy. We all thought it would be a girl seeing as the family (and the media of course) caused such a big hoo-ha about changing succession laws to make sure that, if the baby was a girl, she would not be overtaken by a younger brother for the throne. They also changed tradition by saying the baby would be titled ‘princess’ instead of ‘lady’ to match a boy’s ‘prince’. These laws needed to be changed anyway really seeing as they’re pretty archaic, but we (or at least I) thought that their hurried changing when the pregnancy was announced was because a little mini Kate would soon be born. What a beautiful little girl she would have been! No doubt the little boy will be just as beautiful, though I hope he’s inherited Kate’s good hair genes, and not Will’s receding hairline. How unfortunate if he did.

Anyway, looks like we’re just going to have to wait a bit longer to hear what they’ve named their little bundle of joy. Favourites are traditional names such as James, Alexander and Henry, while less likely names have been floating around the web, including Simba and Hashtag. King Simba! Definitely has a ring to it.

Despite the thousands around the world celebrating, the loons camping outside the hospital and the huge media uproar, Andy Williams’ Wimbledon win still beat the royal birth on number of tweets in the UK. Well, the royal heir will still be in the spotlight, and the royal birth still remembered in years to come. Andy Murray will be forgotten in a year or two.