Simon Cowell’s X Factor Shame

LovesScene Magazine loved Simon Cowell.  He is sophisticated, charming, attractive and charismatic.  He has a real down to earth quality about him which only makes him even more appealing to the general public.

One cannot help but have massive respect for him when gazing adoringly at how he always gives the perfect comment to each contestant on X Factor.  He has always been someone to be respected.  He is clearly a shrewd business man and a talented talent scout. Let’s face it, his is the only opinion one cares for when watching the X Factor auditions.

All his regular fellow judges are really capable of is following his lead and giving the same response whenever possible.  If they have to comment on an audition first they barely have a task to perform as the singers on the show are either blatantly talented or talentless.

With all of that in mind, what on earth happened on Saturday’s show?  Had Simon Cowell been bribed?  The man we have grown to love and respect gave a standing ovation to a boy of 16 years who had been rejected after making it through to Cowell’s house in Barbados in the X Factor of 1998.  This 16 year old had returned two years later, as advised by Simon Cowell, to audition once again.  He was out of tune and sounded horrible.  Perhaps Cowell felt backed into a corner because a ‘no’ would have insulted Simon Cowell’s judgement for putting him through last time and maybe he wants to let this kid down gently by rejecting him at the next qualifying event.  Even so, to give a standing ovation was beyond ridiculous!  So disappointing was Cowell’s behaviour that for some, he will have lost a bit of his shine.

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  1. Claud Kassay says:

    lol,I love the xfactor! it’s so funny!