Strange Fiction?

Made In ChelseaUnless you’ve somehow managed to avoid the majority of gossip magazines recently, you may be aware of the new trend of “celebrity” that’s emerged. Rather than say being recognised for some form of talent in regard to maybe acting, singing or dance ability these new found contenders seem to have become known more for their ability to produce the latest development in reality television. The idea may have started with the US series The Hills and The City, but it seems the format could be here to stay.


In place of predecessors like Big Brother has emerged a genre that takes the format of a docusoap and presents it as real life, straight in front of the camera glare. Whether it’s The Only Way is Essex, the latest contender Desperate Scousewives or the well of participants of Made In Chelsea, the people involved are shown as just going about their lives. Err except that there have been comments and even suggestions that episodes are scripted, with the producers engineering scenarios they think will draw in viewers, so how much is real life and what is fiction?


With the people featured never seeming to be far away from either gossip magazines and the tabloid press, I’m still not sure how they should be referred to. “Characters” would suggest that they are merely reading from a script, but “star” doesn’t seem the right word to use. However, it seems that fame may not last forever with rumours that The Only Way is Essex in particular will have something of a shake up regarding who appears. Sometimes, it seems, it can be hard to know just what is actually real.