Sublime Shamballa Bracelets Hit The Spotlight (again)!

Kim Kardashian wearing Shamballa braceletStyle Alert! Shamballa bracelets have really hit the limelight again this season, and with their bold colours and sparkling crystals, plus they’re ready-to-suit-any-occasion designs; it is no surprise why! Named the next ‘IT’ must-have jewellery, celebs are already donning these holistic statement pieces, such as the TOWIE tribe, to name a few!


Jewellery companies are snipping a share of the bang-on-trend bracelets and some have created their own daring but oh-so-worth-it styles on the already ever so popular Shamballa. From traditional, to charm bracelets, to Vamp style, there is something to suit everyone this season!


Even more interesting is the history behind the Shamballa – no they are not just a pretty face. As any of you Yoga experts will know, Shamballa is the symbol for peace, precision, and enlightenment. Therefore, Shamballa bracelets hold deeper meanings than just the latest bo-ho vibe accessory. Every bracelet is unique and can be worn for spiritual reasons. So, why don’t you snap one of these beautiful pieces up this season and let your inner-spirit come to life!


By Heather Elizabeth