Tattoo much Tulisa?

Tulisa Contostavlos's tattooX Factor producers must no doubt be wondering just what their next headache will be caused by, after stories emerged in the papers this morning surrounding new judge Tulisa Contostavlos. The N Dubz singer recently launched her own fragrance, called The Female Boss, and in what could be a new (though somewhat painful) form of publicity has also been seen showing off her new tattoo which shows off the name prominently.


At the start of the recent live shows Tulisa has been seen to hold up her right forearm, showing off her latest body art but this hasn’t gone down too well with official watch bodies. Media regulator Ofcom has said that it has received several complaints that the singer may be in breach of strict X Factor guidelines with regard to the advertisement of commercial items and products.


The incident is just the latest in a line of events which have been the subject of considerable press attention, not all of it showing the programme in a favourable way. After the axing of Frankie Concozza following allegations including drug taking, as well as the shock exit and subsequent return of favoured Amelia Lily, the producers were most likely hoping that the focus would now be on the contestants actions on screen rather than events away from the cameras.


Personally when I saw this latest attempt at celebrity self promotion I did wonder (and hope) that instead of being a permanent tattoo, the singer might have opted for a temporary transfer instead. Let’s hope that, if not and if she manages to weather this latest controversy, the new judge doesn’t go on to launch the same number of perfumes as other celebrities have done. After all, Beyonce has three at the moment while comeback queen Britney Spears has recently launched her seventh. If Tulisa follows the same pattern, that’s a lot of body art.


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