Taylor Swift “hurt” by Jake Gyllenhaal break up

Taylor Swift and Jake GyllenhaalTaylor Swift is said to be devastated after her break up with boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal. The 21 year old country pop singer had been dating the Broke Back Mountain star from October to December before it came to an end at Christmas.


Despite the age gap of 10 years, the pair seemed loved up as hand holding photos hit the magazines and their new romance was revealed to the world. The whirlwind has,unfortunately, now come to an end and the starlet has been left, yet again, broken hearted.


Following the break up news, a source told US Weekly that “Taylor is really upset and hurt. She doesn’t know what she did for him to just put a stop to it. She feels really burned by him.”


The source also said that Jake was unhappy with all the attention the couple were getting and it seems the high profile relationship got too much, too early, for him.


Jake, who had initiated the relationship, reportedly called it quits over a phone call. A move that Taylor was openly not impressed with when Joe Jonas chose to take that route in 2008.


Taylor, who has had a number of flings with high profile stars such as Twilights Taylor Lautner, is known for her songs about previous relationships. Making it clear that boys are her inspiration, in her prologue of her new album “Speak Now” the singer writes; “P.S To all the boys who inspired this album, YOU SHOULD’VE KNOWN. :)