The fall and rise of Sandra Bullock

The loveable, always dignified, utterly classy actress Sandra Bullock is officially single.  She split from her husband of more than four years Jesse James after allegations of infidelity and wasted no time in clearing her life of the mess.  On Monday June 28, 2010 the Travis County Court Clerk confirmed that their divorce had been finalised.  When Sandra Bullock can divorce her husband so swiftly, it begs the question, what are the other victims of such cruel, selfish behaviour dragging their feet for, a la Cheryl Cole?  It certainly feels as though they sit around, hoping, praying that somehow it will all turn out alright and after months and months of waiting they finally wake up to reality and face up to the fact that their life as they knew it is gone forever.  Bullock on the other hand has, it seems, focused on her future from day one the revelations.  True to her winner’s attitude she has continued to charge forward with her new life raising her son Louis Bardo Bullock by herself.  In interviews after the cheating scandal broke she stated “I will be adopting as a single parent. Anything else will be taken day by day.”

Star of the Discovery Channel’s “Monster Garage” and owner of “West Coast Choppers” in Long Beach, CA, Jesse James was accused of allegedly having a sordid affair with a stripper named Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.  Reports stated that the affair started when Bullock was in Atlanta filming “The Blind Side”.  Ironically, and sadly, during her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes she credited her husband for her success saying, “There’s no surprise that my work got better when I met you. Because I never knew what it felt like for someone to have my back.”  Jesse James is said to have admitted full responsibility for the breakdown of their marriage, stating, ‘There is only one person to blame for this whole situation… and that is me”.

Bullock filed for divorce citing the reason as being “Discord or conflict of personalities (that) prevents any reasonable expectations of reconciliation.”  Although the Travis County Court has sealed the details of their divorce settlement, it is believed that it was amicable.  Sandra Bullock and Jesse James are understood to have both waived their right to “independently investigate the true value of the items,” and they each reportedly waived alimony and entered a confidential property settlement agreement.  Bullock was close to her step-children and she will, therefore, continue to be a part of their lives.   As both parties have approximately the same net worth they are each expected to walk away from the marriage without any spousal support being awarded and Bullock has purchased a home in New Orleans where she has been raising her infant son Louis.

It has been good to see Ms Bullock make a few public appearances recently, poking fun at herself and her situation as only this charismatic lady can do with such ease during such adversity.  Flying the flag for all of sophisticated womankind, Sandra Bullock, we salute you.

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