The Jungle Just Got Hotter!

Mark Wright on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of HereThe female population FINALLY got to witness what I can only describe as the perfect male form last night in ITV’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.


For the past week, the male viewing audience have been indulged in many camera shots of Emily Scott and Jessica-Jane, parading around the jungle in little more than a skimpy bikini.


I am sure I wasn’t the only female in Britain tonight who stopped what she was doing on the promise of the jungle hunk Mark Wright, from The Only Way is Essex undertaking a trial in just his shoes and trainers. I thanked the makers of the show several times while the female audience received an indulgence of fifteen minutes of dribbling over his perfect torso, toned, muscular arms and his sheer manly strength.


Then, when the trial was over we were in for another treat as we witnessed him washing off the meal-worms, cockroaches and other jungle critters that were thrown on him during his trial.


And, the treats for the women kept coming as the camera continued to film him getting out of the lake and having a naked backside on screen for us all to view. God bless Sky Plus, were my words to myself.


He may not be the sharpest tool in the box, but my feelings are that this show was definitely a great career move for him. I have no doubt that the TV show offers will be lined up for him when he returns to Essex.


He is coming across as such a nice bloke, he has never moaned or got into arguments with any of the other jungle mates. I like those qualities about him, and I will be voting for him in the final.


I am just hoping that the spark that is lighting between Mark and Emily Scott is not just a ploy to keep them both in the jungle.


I just wonder what Lauren is making of his new-found celebrity status which is more widespread than Essex.