The K-Patz Spat – Pattinson Moves On

Robert Pattinson and Kristen StewartI have been thinking about the K-Patz spat far more than someone who doesn’t really give a fig should be.  Two honorary teenagers falling out over a possible kiss shouldn’t be the brain item taking precedence over my credit card bill, job hunting and that stain in the hall. But as removal vans rumble away from the house they shared, undoubtedly stacked with all Pattinson’s acting certificates, I can’t help wondering if the decision to end everything has been a tad knee-jerk.  As the tween world waits in the blocks to bolt quicker than Usain the moment his face resurfaces from his hiding place (apparently the place we ALL go to when things get tough – Reese Witherspoon’s house) I am finding myself worrying whether he has made the right decision.  Only in terms of me and what I would do in the same circumstances you understand.


Honorary teenagers they may be, but they are in fact both adults whose relationship had progressed to living together. They were seemingly so serious about protecting this relationship that they took the almost admirable step of conducting it in almost complete privacy.  Paparazzi were hard pushed to get any snap of them together and it was only when the “affair” came out that Stewart finally admitted they were in fact an item.  Is throwing away an apparently intense, grown-up relationship over some flirting a bit, well, childish?


Obviously we don’t know the full story, all we have is a tweet from Stewart’s producer friend Giovanni Agnelli claiming that she and Rupert Sanders never slept together, but if this is true and it was just a flirtation and maybe a kiss, should Pattinson be throwing everything away?


Liberty Ross and Rupert SandersI have found Liberty Ross’s reaction the very definition of a graceful response.  She has neatly and politely told the world that she will be moving on from it and so should everyone else.  Her apparent willingness to draw a line and carry on has struck me as incredibly strong and deeply loving. She has given a masterclass in how to forgive without giving off a whiff of doormat.


I would like to think that in similar circumstances I too would be able to acknowledge that “to err is Human to forgive divine”.  For me there are different levels, flavours and tones of “err” and Ross appears to have based her decision on the same kind of perspective.


Had anything sexual occurred I would hope Sander’s bags, along with Pattinson’s, would have been packed and flung onto a removal fan.  That, for me, is the “err” to end them all.  I have been through many twists and turns in relationships and have reached a point where I can pie chart what I will and won’t put up with. Perhaps Pattinson’s relative youth with an ego still plump and fresh allows him the allusion of perfection; that gloriously ignorant notion that you deserve the ultimate perfect person without foibles who would never do anything to hurt you.


At 29 (which is in fact not THAT much older than Pattinson) with a few relationships under my belt, Flirting And Perhaps Maybe Kissing Someone Else, has sunk a little on my list of reasons to close the door completely on someone.  That isn’t to say I wouldn’t be utterly distraught for a while without the almighty climb that is Mount Self Esteem looming over me, but I think I would just about get over it.  It may involve a few smashed plates and a hotel room for a while, but as Ross seems to understand, there really are worse things people can do to one another.  None of us are that Perfect Person we seem to all be waiting for, so why don’t we take the pressure off a bit and learn that after all the tears there is still the possibility to be divine, which is about as perfect as you can get.


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    I think this was just an excuse. I have read a lot of juicy gossip about these two! I think they both have been up to plenty of naughty things and were looking for a way to break up to all their fans! The devils!