The Kardashian Kollection

Whilst the Kardashian sisters have branched out into “designing” their own clothing range Katie Price has introduced a new magazine to the market. It was, therefore, a no brainer which new launch we would choose to feature on LoveScene Magazine.


The newly launched Kardashian Kollection is now available to buy via Sears and there is an introductory offer that online shoppers can also take advantage of.  All KK items are at 70% of the retail price but the real question on everyone’s mind is, of course, is the collection worth it? Well, price wise – yes. The items are very reasonably priced. The tacky name, annoying. Misspelled words never ooze glamour so it’s just as well that the prices are as they are. The clothes themselves? A tad boring if we’re honest. We’ve picked some of the absolute best pieces for you.  They won’t knock your socks off but this is their first attempt so hopefully the sisters will come back with some more wow factor in their next collection




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  1. Nat says:

    The Kardashians are awful. They’re merely replicating the designer wear they own to cash-in and keep their faces within the media. I only hope they’ll gradually disappear like Paris Hilton… There’s only so long you can exploit those in your life on a reality show. Cringe.