The Lady In The Middle

Ryan GiggsIn a climactic ending to the Super Injunction debate that has been dominating the headlines for the last few weeks, Ryan Giggs has officially been named and shamed as the professional footballer seeking to cover up his disreputable infidelity with former Big Brother contestant Immogen Thomas. Whilst the row continues in Parliament after Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming’s disclosure of the footballer’s name, the leading question on my mind is, how is his Ryan Giggs’ wife feeling?


From the very beginning of the Super Injunction claims, I could not help but think that if the man you had married was a famous footballer, it would be extremely difficult to ignore those little niggles and anxious qualms inside your brain forcing you to wonder if the man all the newspapers were talking about was in fact your husband. Every time a fresh detail was reported about the man in question, the checklist inside your mind would receive a big red tick. Very successful, check. Married, check. Children, check. Perhaps you would attempt to dispense with the doubts, maintaining the notion that this could never happen to you, yet surely it would be impossible not to watch the behaviour of your husband as injunction talk flashed up with every pressing of the television remote, or as Immogen Thomas’ face appeared on the front page of each newspaper that you brought into the house.


Ryan Giggs’ wife, Stacey Cook, must have discovered that she was the unfortunate woman at least a week ago. With 75,000 Twitter users naming the Manchester star and his name being chanted around football stadiums, your home would have had to have been a comfortable abode underneath a rock for you not to know. It would seem that Giggs has made things far worse for himself by taking out an injunction. Instead of his scandal forgotten to fictional fish and chip wrapping that now must be greaseproof paper; his name will continue to remain in the headlines for a lot longer for being the man who sparked all the controversy. Meanwhile, celebrities across the land are thinking twice about using such a legality.


As for Ryan Giggs’ wife, she could possibly have let him off, but now she is starkly aware of the extent her husband stretched to in order to conceal his lies from her, and is innocently subject to a scandal that has caused parliamentary debate. Forgiveness seems unlikely.


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  1. Hannah says:

    I think this whole matter stinks to high heaven and it has just reinforced in me that footballers are overpaid useless idiots. This mas has affectively BOUGHT someone’s freedom of speech which to me just seems utterly ludicrous. I am no fan of Imogen Thomas either but I can’t imagine how she has coped not being able, by law, to utter this man’s name. Its like something out of a twisted fairy tale or something!

    And as for his wife, Id be using the fact he can afford to cover up his infidelty as a good enough reason to take him to the cleaners and have a lovely life with her kids away from him.