The Mascaron – Listen To Their Debut Single

Melodic and progressive metal group based in Latvia and the United Kingdom – The Mascaron, release their debut single ‘Out Of Time’ today, from the group’s forthcoming debut EP, which is scheduled for release in early 2013. The song is available for free download from the group’s official Facebook page:

The song introduces their heavy, melodic and progressive sound, which compliments strong melodic singing fused with characteristics of aggressive metal vocals. The lyrics portray an outlook on ones life – underlining both the value and the fragility which can be taken away in an instant. It encourages the assessment of all life’s opportunities and moments.

The current formulation of the group was founded in 2012. The newest members of the group joined in both September; The Mascarons’ vocalist is announced as UK-based Phil Owen, and in October; a second multi-talented guitarist, Ivars Kalnins joined the band.

The project brings together Latvian and British musiciansship to form the Mascarons’ current line-up. The Mascaron timeline is a true success story of the modern era – that is to say, the instrumental version of Out Of Time was first published and the forum, which started a conversation with Phil Owen for possible collaboration.

“When I first heard the instrumental demo version of the song, from the very first notes it drew my attention straight away and potential vocals parts came together really quickly in my head”. The rest of the group members’ were in agreed motivation when they offered him an invitation to join The Mascaron permanently.
Bassist and composer Arthur Smith acknowledges that “this talented vocalist joining the team full-time seems an improbable dream come true, and it has opened up new opportunities for the development of the group, despite the fact that Phil Owen is working remotely over the Internet using the latest technologies.”

Now actively working on a debut EP,which is scheduled for publication in early 2013. The mini album will contain up to six melodic and progressive metal-specific pieces which will bring serious vocal singing with spacious melodies, djent-style grooves and riffs, as well as other interesting musical experiments. Consequently, the band are planning to release yet another single to continue their musical theme and ideas, as well as playing at shows and festivals in the near future.

The Mascarons’ full line-up consists of five experienced musicians: Phil Owen (vocals), Artūrs Bērziņš (bass), Gints Grīnbergs (guitar), Ivars Kalniņš (guitar) and Inga Lavrena (synthesizer, electronics), which together create and produce the bands’ sound. All members are experienced musicians with similar backgrounds of other local and international music projects while the idea and vision of creating music has brought together these creative personalities


Download the track from here:

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