Robbie Williams re-joins Take That

Since it was confirmed yesterday that Robbie Williams is getting back together with Take That, there’s inevitably been a big divide in opinion, particularly amongst the Brits.  Should the band have taken Mr Arrogant back?  Were they better off staying as a foursome?  Will the reunion enhance the band or will it lead to the same destiny as 15 years ago when Robbie bitterly left the band?  All concerns aside, some fans are overjoyed that Robbie is back with the band.

The band confirms that ‘Take That: the original line-up, have written and recorded a new album for release later this year.’  The new/original line up, Robbie Williams, Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange and Mark Owen will tour together next summer.  It is then expected Williams will join his band mates – Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange and Mark Owen – for a huge stadium tour next summer.  His return is initially said to be for one year and during this time the band members could each earn £10million from the reunion.

Williams said he gets embarrassingly excited when in one room with his old band.  “It feels like coming home,” said Williams.  Owen, who was Williams’ best friend in the band, added: “Getting the five of us to be in a room together, although always a dream, never actually seemed like becoming a reality.”  Aw, how sweet.

One can’t help but wonder if Williams has only returned now due to feelings of inferiority as a performer, whether his feet have finally hit the ground again and now he realises perhaps her does need Take That for his own continued success as an entertainer or whether he sincerely wished to be reunited with his old friends again.

William’s seventh studio album Rudebox received mixed reviews leading him to retreat to Los Angeles while his former band mates enjoyed rapidly resurging popularity as the reformed Take That.  Subsequently, rumours spread that relations between Williams and his old band mates were warming stemming from appearances of Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow chatting amiably ahead of the Arsenal v Manchester United game at the Emirates Stadium in north London.  This further fuelled speculation of the complete Take That reunion that hard core fans had been dreaming of.  Whilst in previous interviews Williams cited existing legal contracts to fulfil and Barlow using the term “ineveitable” when discussing the possibility of Williams rejoining the band again fans were still unsure of whether a complete reunion would actually occur.

Only time will tell if this is to be the rise, fall (or graze) and rise of Robbie Williams…