The Rise of The Young Starlet

Willow Smith It seems that today talented young actresses are emerging into the limelight at younger and younger ages. The media seems to have an ongoing fascination with youth and beauty, but could it be a case of too much too young?


Dakota’s Fanning’s younger sister Elle is gaining a lot of recognition at the moment for her recent film roles and she is still only thirteen. She has posed for many photo shoots and is currently fronting the new Marc Jacobs campaign, just as her older sister did before her. She also recently graced the cover of Love magazine alongside other young actresses Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeild. The actresses each had their own cover released, showing them adorned in the new season fashions and pulling what can only be described as provocative facial expressions. Am I the only person that sees something seriously wrong with this? It seems that the media presents young girls in a far too sexualised way. Will Smith’s daughter Willow is a classic example of this. It’s shocking how adult she dresses and the way in which she holds herself, she comes across as a fully grown woman when she is still only ten years old! The sad thing is that this is allowed to happen in the first place and no one in the industry seems to have a problem with it.


Chloe Moretz in the film ‘Kick-Ass’ seems to have far too much attitude for a thirteen year old. She swears constantly and carries on as if she is an adult. Since when did this become appropriate behaviour for someone so young? Surely it’s bound to all come crashing down at some point? Forcing girls into the limelight at such a young age and dressing them as if they’re women can never be good, in fact it can be quite damaging. Who is protecting these girls from letting it all go to their heads and stopping them from spiralling downwards?


Actresses like Drew Barrymore and Lindsay Lohan have both been victim to the detrimental effects of being exposed at such a young and tender age. Let them be children for at least a few more years, before they learn that being an adult means a lot more than wearing makeup and provocative clothing. It’s hard enough as it is being a child going into puberty without being thrust into the limelight and made to look like some kind of dress up doll. What happened to kids starring in kids films and acting their age? Why is it now that film makers are using younger and younger girls for more provocative roles? It seems like some sort of trend, thirteen year olds and younger are being praised on the red carpet and even hailed as fashionistas! I personally think that children should be left to be children, let them enjoy it while they can instead of objectifying them.